What is functional muscle therapy according to tamura?

Targeted treatment of pain

It is not only joints or intervertebral discs that can cause pain, but also muscles and fasciae (myofascial system). The myofascial system can be sensitively disturbed in its function by accident, jerky movement, overload, one-sided strain, bad posture, operations etc.. Injuries occur in the connective tissue, leading to adhesions. The affected myofascial region can then trigger pain when it is stressed by certain body movements.

The cause is often far away from the site of pain

In this context, the pain has a protective function. The organism thus tries to protect the body from further damaging movements. In other words, such movements are stopped by the pain.

Pain caused by the myofascial system is often located far away from the site of pain. Therefore, purely local treatment is often not enough.

Subject your myofascial system to a thorough examination to get to the root of your pain!

The examination will take into account everything that your myofascial system has had to endure over the course of your life: e.g. accidents, operations, one-sided activities, mental stress. Together with a thorough physical examination, the fmt therapist can then determine where the disturbance in the myofascial system is that is causing your pain. Once the fmt therapist* has found the cause of your pain, he/she will treat the affected myofascial region with manual pressure. This releases the adhesions, reduces the pain and improves mobility.
Once the pain has largely disappeared, this is followed by lengthening muscle training, in which the muscles relevant to you are trained for strength and length.