In carrying out therapy on a muscle, the decisive factor is locating the sick muscle (or muscle fibre). This is often difficult because as a rule the muscle is often located far from the site of the pain, since movements are driven by chains of muscles which run throughout the whole body. In order to identify the sick muscle, we must carry out a functional investigation of the holistic muscle system of the human body. „Functional” means: in the function of the muscles, how they realize certain movements. It is only through the functional examination of the muscle system that we can track down the culprit (= sick muscle fibre).

FMT treats sick muscles which are no longer able to carry out their function correctly. The cause of such disturbances in muscle function is usually one-sided long-term strain, incorrect muscle training or a sudden, unaccustomed movement (desk work, working on a production line, one-sided sports activities, an accident, a fall, unaccustomed do-it-yourself activities etc.) The disturbances can develop gradually or occur suddenly. The affected muscle system is handicapped in its ability to extend. These disturbances in function express themselves in painful limited mobility of the joints and the spine. Wherever a movement should be carried out freely, the muscles should be able to extend in order to allow the movement to take place. The pains which the movements cause have a protective function. The muscle should be protected against too much strain (extension). Since all the muscles of the body are connected in their function, the sick muscles can be located far from the site of the pain, e.g. the cause for pains in the neck when turning the head can lie in the region of the muscles of the groin. The type of pain is very varied. It occurs in both the resting and the active states.

Emotional blocks are reflected in muscle tension. They are caused by emotional stress which was often suffered back in our childhood: a lack of love and care, excessive demands, criticism, fear, feelings of guilt, rejection…. Emotional blocks prevent us from developing further. Treatment of the muscles can often bring these buried emotions to the surface and we are able to confront them and then let go of them.

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