Do you also suffer from these nerve-racking noises in the ears, tinnitus? Have you had numerous examinations, but still not found any satisfying therapy? Perhaps Functional Muscle Therapy (fmt) can help you.
The cause of tinnitus is often a disturbance in the functioning of the muscles of the cervical spine. This can not only cause tension headaches, but can also have a negative effect on circulation and cause noises in the ears.

Just see whether the noises in the ears change if you hold your head in different positions (looking at the ceiling, the floor, turned to one side). Or test whether the noises are worse when lying on your back with legs bent or stretched. If you notice a difference, then disturbances in the functioning of muscles are probably playing a role.

The affected muscles have to be treated in order that the spine can move freely again. The noises in the ears may disappear, or at least subside.