MSC courses

The 8 week MSC course consists of

  • 8 sessions of 2 hours 45 minutes once a week
  • a retreat day after the 5. Session
  • a preliminary talk on the phone
  • downloads for meditations
  • the willingness to practice at home

The course offers meditations and exercises, short lectures, exchange in the group and exercises for home. The goal is to give the participants the opportunity to experience selfcompassion directly and create selfcompassion in their everyday lives.

Course content:

o Discovering self-compassion

o Understanding and practising mindfulness

o Developing loving kindness

o Understanding the self-critical attitude

o Developing and practising compassion for ourselves

o Dealing with challenging feelings and relationships

o Caring for oneself and one's own well-being

Downloads and course material will be provided to support a regular practice (approx. 30 min. daily).

Costs: 380,00 €

(incl. preliminary talk, 8 group sessions, self-compassion exercise day and downloads) To accompany the course it is recommended to buy the book: 'Self-Compassion - The Practice Book' by Kristin Neff & Christopher Germer.