Lengthening muscle training

As part of the therapy I offer my patients special exercises to do at home to support the treatment. Lengthening muscle training consists of therapeutic exercises that train muscles and fascia for length and strength at the same time. This training is designed to specifically and effectively make shortened muscles more lengthenable. Not only individual muscles but muscle chains are strengthened and lengthened. This improves mobility and reduces the susceptibility of the myofascial system to injury. I select specific exercises for my patients that are adapted to the regions treated in the therapy.

The lengthening muscle training is basically suitable for everyone. The exercises are individually adapted to the patient's training and mobility condition and therefore do not require any particular athletic ability. They should first be learned under professional supervision. Afterwards, which the training can be continued flexibly at home with relatively little time expenditure (10-20 minutes). No special equipment or accessories are needed for the lengthening muscle training.