For whom is MSC suitable?

Basically, everyone can attend an MSC course. Preconditions are psychological stability and the willingness for self-reflection.

An MSC course can be especially helpful when you

  • want to strengthen your ability for self-care
  • tend to self-criticism and perfectionism
  • work in a social or helping profession
  • feel stressed
  • want to feel more ease and life quality

MSC is a method for self-help and does not replace necessary medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. Nevertheless, MSC can be a good accompaniment to psychotherapy or support the reintegration after rehabilitation.

To ensure the safety of all participants you will be asked for a few background information before the MSC course starts. If you are in psychotherapy it is necessary to consult your therapist and have a short preliminary talk with me. We then decide together if it is advisable at the moment for you to attend an MSC course. Please contact me if you have any questions.