Fibromyalgia – translated literally means: pain of unknown origin in the region of the muscular system and the connective tissue. The cause is so far unknown. It is only known that certain points on the body react painfully to pressure. The unknown cause means that most of the persons affected have tried out numerous therapies – mostly with little or only temporary success. Pain killers only alleviate the symptoms for a limited time and have undesirable side-effects in the long run.

In our opinion it is advisable to examine the functioning of the muscles and fascia in such cases, as disturbances in the myofascial system cannot be identified with procedures which produce images. The pains associated with fibromyalgia may, in my opinion, be caused by function i.e. there is a disturbance in the function of the affected muscles/fascia (movement and position).

This functional disturbance can be treated by Functional Muscle Therapy (fmt) in a specifically targeted manner:
thorough examinations are made to identify which muscles/fascia are disturbed in their functioning and can therefore become the trigger for pain. In order to do this, all the painful movements and positions of the body have to be found and analysed.